Thursday, 15 December 2011

Face Book Addiction

  1. Have you spend more than 90 minute on face book every day.
  2. Do you feel anxious when you not check your face book account in a day.
  3. If any one open his face book account is you have desire to see yours.
  4. What exactly you do on your face book account.
  5. In early morning when you start you internet / mobile net you first check you face book account.
  6. When any friend comment on your photo or your wall have you feel depress / angry in that day. 
  7. Do you have two to three face book account with fake ids.
  8. What you prefera wall writitng / on line chatting
  9. Have you check your spouse face book id often.
  10. Do you have your own face picture on face book or other .
  11. Have you check more than 6 time your face book in a day.
if you have more than 6 point in your daily  routine and feel distress and disability than make your self aware thanks

Rajesh C.Pandey
Child Psychologist

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