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Pharmacy career

Pharmacy Career

The decision to pursue a career in pharmacy is an excellent choice. Pharmacy offers attractive salaries, a comfortable work environment, flexible hours and diverse career options. Sounds great, right? But these luxuries don’t come without work—the education process of a pharmacist is intense. you have to trace your skill and hard working in making strong career in pharmacy. In India Pharmacy Council of India Is the 
regulating authority of the pharmacy education and development. 

List Of Pharmacy colleges in India 

  • Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore,
  • Amity School of Pharmacy, Amity University, Noida,
  • Amrita School of Pharmacy, Kochi,
  • AR College and GH Patel Instt of Pharmacy, Vallabh Vidyanagar
  • B.N.P.G.College of Pharmacy, Udaipur
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune,
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai,
  • Birla Instittue of Technology, Mesra
  • BK Mody Government Pharmacy College, Rajkot
  • Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai,
  • College of Pharmaceutical Science, Mohud, Berhampur,
  • College of Pharmaceutical Science, Thiruvananthapuram,
  • College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University,
College of Pharmacy, IPS Academy, Indore,          

  •                                              .                                                                                       
  • Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research, New Delhi,
  • Department of Pharmacy, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu,
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dibrugarh ,
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sci, RTMN University Nagpur
  • Department of Pharmacy Sciences, M.D University, Rohtak
  • Department of Pharmacy, BITS Pilani, Pilani,
  • Department of Pharmacy, Lovely Institute of Tech, Phagwara
  • Department of Pharmacy, Madras Medical College,
  • Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. H.S Gour University, Sagar,
  • Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Tech, Jadhavpur University ,,
  • Deptt. of Pharmacy, MS University of Badora, Vadodra,,
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi ,
  • GITAM Institute of Pharmacy, Vishakapatnam,

  • Goa College of Pharmacy, Panaji, Goa ,
  • Govt. College of Pharmacy, Bangalore,
  • Himalayan Pharmacy Institute Majhitar,Rangpo,,
  • Indira College of Pharmacy, Pune,
  • Institute of Chemical Tech. (I.C.T), University of Bombay, Mumbai,
  • J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Mysore,
  • J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Ooty,
  • JVD College of Science and Technology, Vishakapatnam,
  • K.L.E. Society's College of Pharmacy, Belgaum,,

  • K.M.Kundnani College of Pharmacy, Mumbai
  • KIET School of Pharmacy, Ghaziabad,,
  • KLES College of Pharmacy, Hubli
  • L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad,
  • M.M. College of Pharmacy, Mullana,
  • M.S. Ramaiah College of Pharmacy , Bangalore,
  • Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal,,
  • Mohamed Sathak A.J. College of Pharmacy, Chennai,
  • Muzzaffarpur Institute of Technology, Muzaffarpur
  • National lnstitute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Ahmedabad,
  • NIMS Institute of Pharmacy & NIMS College of Pharmacy, Jaipur,
  • NIPER, Hajipur ,,
  • NIPER, Hyderabad,,
  • NIPER, Kolkata,
  • NIPER, Mohali ,
  • NIPER, Rai Bareli,
  • Nirma University – Institute of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad,
  • NMIMS (Pharmacy Department), Mumbai,
  • NSHM College of Pharmaceutical Technology, Kolkata,
  • PES College of Pharmacy, Bangalore ,,
  • PRES Pravara Rural College of Pharmacy, Distt Ahmednagar
  • PSG College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore,
  • Pune University (Pharmacy Department),,, Pune ,
  • Punjabi University (Pharmacy Department), Patiala,,
  • S.R.M College of Pharmacy, Kattankulathur,

  • Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sagar ,,
  • Sagar Institute of Research & Technology-Pharmacy, Bhopal,
  • School of Pharmacy, DAVV, Indore,
  • SGS Institutes of Technology & Science, Indore,
  • Singhad Technical Education Society, Pune,
  • Sri Ramachandra College of Pharmacy, SRMC&RI, Chennai,
  • University College of Pharm. Sci., Kakatiya University, Warangal,,
  • University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Warangal ,
  • University Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Sci., Utkal University, Orissa,
  • University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab University,
  • University Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Annamalai,
  • VEL's College of Pharmacy, Chennai            


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100 MBA college in INDIA

100 MBA college in INDIA


Colleges City

1 Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
2 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
3 Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
4 Indian Institute of Management Lucknow
5 Institute of Rural Management Anand
6 Xaviers Labour Relation Institue Jamshedpur
7 Management Development Institute Gurgaon
8 Indian Institute of Management Indore
9 S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai
10 Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi
11 Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai
12 International Management Institute New Delhi
13 Fore School of Management New Delhi

14 Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad
15 Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies Mumbai
16 Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneshwar
17 T.A. Pai Management Institute Manipal
18 Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Bangalore
19 Faculty of Management Studies Delhi
20 Loyola Institute of Business Administration Chennai
21 Vinod Gupta School of Management IIT Kharagpur
22 Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD Pune
23 NITIE Mumbai
24 Nirma Institute of Management Ahmedabad
25 K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai
26 Department of Management Studies, REC Trichy
27 Department of Business Administration Aligarh
28 L.B. Shastri Institute of Management New Delhi
29 Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune
30 IILM New Delhi
31 ICFAI Business School Hyderabad
32 Goa Institute of Management Goa

33 Department of Management Studies, University of Madras Chennai
34 Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management Kolkata
35 Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management Secunderabad
36 Graduate School of Business and Administration Ghaziabad
37 Prestige Institute of Management and Research Indore
38 ITUC School of Management Hyderabad
39 Institute of Productivity and Management Ghaziabad
40 School of Management Pondicherry
41 Institute of Management Development & Research Pune
42 Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow
43 BPHE’s Institute of Management Studies, Career Devt & Research Ahmednagar
44 M.S. Patel Institute of Management Studies Baroda
45 Department of Business Administration, Vellore Engineering College Vellore
46 BK School of Business of Management Ahmedabad
47 Institute of Management in Kerala Thiruvananthapuram
48 School of Communication & Management Studies Cochin
49 Punjab School of Management Studies, Punjab University Patiala
50 Department of Business Administration Guwahati
51 SDM Institute for Management Development Mysore
52 Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Business Management Ujjain
53 Badruka College Hyderabad
54 G.H. Patel PG Institute of Business Management Vallabh Vidya Nagar
55 Institute of Management Studies, Devi Ahilya University Indore
56 University Business School Chandigarh
57 IIAM Vizag
58 National Institute of Management Calcutta
59 R.A. Podar Institute of Management Jaipur

60 School of Business Management, Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati
61 Sri Sringeri Sharada Institute of Management New Delhi
62 Christ College Institute of Management Bangalore
63 Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management Pune
64 IPE Hyderabad
65 Bharathidasan Institute of Management Tiruchirapalli
66 Institute of Technology and Science Ghaziabad
67 University Department of Management Sciences Pune
68 School of Management Studies Hyderabad
69 Bharathiar School of Management and Entrepreneurship Development Coimbatore
70 ITM Mumbai
71 Amity Business School Noida
72 Shiva Shivani Institute of Management Hyderabad
73 Kousali Institute of Management Studies Dharwad
74 Sri Siddhartha Institute of Management Studies Tumkur
75 Rajagiri School of Management, Kalamassery Kerala
76 Abdul Qadir Jeelani Centre for PG Studies Vishakapatnam
77 FMS BHU Varanasi
78 AV College Hyderabad
79 Vasantrao Patil Institute of Management Studies and Research Miraj
80 Institute of Productivity and Management Meerut
81 KLS Institute of Management Education and Research Belgaum
82 L.N. Welingker Mumbai
83 Mt. Carmel Institute of Management Bangalore
84 Amrita Institute of Management Coimbatore
85 EMPI New Delhi

86 Assam Institute of Management Guwahati
87 Xavier’s Institute of Social Service Ranchi
88 Department of Business Administration Burdwan
89 Sinhgad Institute of Management Pune
90 Indian Institute of Science and Management Ranchi
91 Indian Institute of Modern Management Pune
92 Pendekanti Institute of Management Hyderabad
93 Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies Vishakapatnam
94 Department of Management Studies, University of Roorkee Roorkee
95 Bharati Vidyapeet’s Institute of Management Mumbai
96 Sultan-Ul-Uloom College of Business Administration Hyderabad
97 Dr. Gour Hari Singhania Institute of Management Kanpur
98 Department of Management, Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad
99 N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research Mumbai
100 Jagan Institute of Management Studies Delhi

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Are you left brain active or right brain active

Spinning Lady
Does she spin clockwise or anticlockwise ? 

if you see that she is anticlockwise wise then 

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

if you see that she is clockwise wise then


uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules

philosophy & religion


spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Career Counsellor

career counselling

Career Counseling Lucknow

Why Career Counseling ?

Career counseling is a great option for those who have switched over jobs or have got promoted and are not able to cope with the changing scene. Definitely challenges increase with changing jobs. But not accepting these challenges do no good to anyone. Career counseling helps individual to befriend with such challenges and solve them with patience.
and for those you want to make there career and not able to decide where go, also need career counseling.

How is career counseling helpful?

Career counseling do wonders in an individual's personality and performance at work. It not only enhances his work skills but brings out his hidden resourcefulness. During the time of changing professions or getting promoted to a new height, career counseling helps in coping with the new working environment, new colleagues and the boss. It certainly brings out the talents and passions that always were inside you and brings enhancement in career by best possible utilization of career opportunities.
for students selection of career is based of personality analysis and related interest of the child.

Importance of career counseling ?

Career counseling takes care of various aspects like personal insight, support and even a better understanding. Other than these, it helps in building high motivational level by understanding the individualistic wants. It ensures that every individual sets up some goals of consequence and give his best in achieving them.

Benefits of Career Counseling?

The benefits of career counseling are immense other than bringing your career in right track, helping you maintain a balance between your professional and personal life, understanding your own strength and keeping you vision and values ahead of anything else.

for more visit
call on 9415370790,  9452463690

           9369160546,  9369160547

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Choose A Career

Best Way to choose a career- Lucknow 

If you're like most people, you spend the majority of your week—and a good chunk of your life—at work. If you find the right profession, this time will be neither wasted, nor miserable.
Selecting a career can be one of the most difficult decisions of your life. You have to find the right balance between financial gain and personal fulfillment. For some people, having a career that creates wealth is much more important than having a job that builds individual enrichment. Each person needs to choose according to their own specific needs and life goals. Many experts agree that selecting a career you're passionate about usually leads to happiness.
Before heading out into the workforce, it is essential to find a career that fits not only your interests but your personality as well. The more interested and skilled you are at work, the more pleasant your career will be. There are a variety of personality tests that can be taken to determine which career best suits you. These tests can also measure the aptitude that you have in one or more career fields and help to narrow down your search. This can be especially helpful when choosing a college degree.
Here are some tips for you before you select any career for yourself ----------------------------

Step 1: Know Your Interests

Before you can select a career, you have to get to know yourself well enough to define your interests.
2 You can't reach for something unless you know what it is you're seeking. Is there a field you've always wanted to pursue? What types of job duties seem interesting to you? What issues are you passionate about? What types of financial plans do you have? In order to the right job, you should first identify your ultimate goals and which careers are most appealing to you.

Write it down:

Create a list of things you're passionate about.
Write down everything you love doing. What jobs would you do for free?
Make a list of your qualifications and skills. Be specific and list every job responsibility you have previously mastered.
Create a list of your long-term goals. What do you want your life to be like in 20 years? How much money do you expect to make?
Make a list defining the type of lifestyle you want. Decide whether you want a job or career. In other words, do you want to be able to leave the office behind every night when the clock turns 5:00pm? Or are you a workaholic who wants to be the next multi-millionaire?
Write down every possible career you can envision for yourself. Include the jobs you dreamed about as a child.3
Rate each career on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the careers you are most interested in and 10 being the jobs you are least interested in).

Step 2: Get Professional Guidance

Once you've asked yourself the important questions, you should enlist the help of career development experts to guide you through the process.
Schedule a meeting with a career counselor—If you're currently a student, you can do this for free at your school. If you're no longer a student, check with your local community college for referrals to free or affordable counselors in your area. Bring all the lists you created to the meeting.
Community College Web offers a nationwide index of community colleges.
Read career advice books. 

follow these steps and you will be happy ever 
best of luck

Rajesh C.PandeyCareer counselor+919369160546  

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Benefit Of hypnosis




"A big benefit of hypnosis is that it is completely safe,There are no dangers with hypnosis. The advantage of hypnosis is that it doesn't just treat the symptoms; it treats the root or cause of the problem. Hypnosis is also often times much faster than say traditional psychotherapy as a way of dealing with problems."

In addition to being a safe way to treat certain diseases and ailments, hypnosis is also very beneficial because of the wife range of areas it touches. By being a method of improving one's life through subconscious suggestion, any problem that can be cured or treated using the mind makes hypnosis very beneficial. Some areas that hypnosis has proven to help cure involve helping people to stop smoking, helping people to loose weight and helping people to stop gambling.

Also, not just a treatment for habits, hypnosis has been known to help individuals with chemical abuse problems as well as alcoholism. Hypnosis not only deals with substance abuse problems, but it also has been known to help certain people to become better all-around people. Hypnosis can be beneficial to anyone who may be shy or not motivated about their life. Hypnosis will place suggestive thoughts into this person's mind telling them that it is alright to overcome their fears. But even with so many treatable problems for hypnosis, many still believe that the best benefit comes from any problem that can be cured without the use of drugs or medicines.

"For instance, something like
irritable bowel syndrome can be treated with hypnosis rather than drugs, which can cause side effects and other problems," Volz said. "It's the same thing with smoking - hypnosis is much safer than using a patch that contains nicotine and more effective too." 

"You cannot be made to do anything you don't want to do under hypnosis and the only side effect is that you become more relaxed and reduce stress," Volz added. "Hypnosis is more effective than drugs for some issues like
irritable bowel syndrome. I personally believe it is more effective than most drug interactions."

Monday, 26 March 2012

before your career ?

Career Selection Procedure 

before you select any field for you long lasting career please note some basic precaution, I am giving you a special checklist by which you can mark your self.
  1. Try to find out your strength 
  2. Find out weakness
  3. What exactly you want ? In term of money, name, fame , respect.
  4. What exactly you want to leave back to you in this word.
  5. Are you happy in related ares.(physical, mental , social , spirituality)
  6. Do know your financial condition exactly 
  7. Do you have discuss your career option with your parents/ teachers.
  8. Who is most successful person in you family 
  9. What it means by career to you?
  10. Have ready to face challenges which will come in your decision? 
if after completion of this test still you are confused then call a career counselor for help, call us too
919369160546, 919369160547
919452463690, 919415370790

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Future Career In INDIA


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Best Paid Jobs

Best Paid Jobs
  1. Directors and chief executives of major organizations
  2. Corporate Managers And Senior Officials
  3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
  4. Medical practitioners
  5. Air traffic controllers
  6. Brokers (financial and insurance)
  7. Financial managers and chartered secretaries
  8. Managers in mining and energy
  9. Public service administrative officer
  10. Health Professionals
  11. Research and development managers
  12. Information and communication technology managers
  13.  lawyers, judges 
  14. Marketing and sales managers
  15. Transport Associate Professionals
  16. Electronics engineers
  17. Hospital and health service managers
  18. Financial institution managers
  19. IT strategy and planning professionals
  20. Higher education teaching professionals
  21. Legal Professionals
  22. Personnel, training and industrial relations managers

Monday, 6 February 2012

Success In Exam

Success Tips Before Exam 

Create a good working environment:-

As painful as it might be to turn off the TV, it's important to have as few distractions as possible when revising. Find a quiet place to study, where there's as little background noise as possible and a good enough light for you to work in.

 Your bedroom desk should work but if your house-mates insist on bringing the midday drinking games to your lounge, then head to the library. Yes, it's boring but come on, so is revision.

Make a revision timetable:-

Now that you've gagged your housemates/gone to the library, you'll be ready to devise a revision plan. Look at your exam timetable and prioritise your subjects in relation to their exam date and work through these topics chronologically. 

It’s unlikely that you'll want to spend the same amount of time working on each subject so it might be worth going through your module outlines and seeing which topics are worth more credits, focusing on the areas that are likely to require more in-depth knowledge. 

Similarly, if there are aspects of your course that you are unfamiliar with or struggle to understand, label them so that you know what you’ve got to spend more time going over. And if all that seems like too much hard work, log on to My Revision Plan  for help on devising a personal schedule.

Revision timetable will make studying much easier:-
Sucess In Exam

Once you've wasted enough time re-drafting, colour-scheming and laminating your timetable, it's time to actually do some work. Whether you prefer to draw spider diagrams, record yourself reciting your lecture notes, or create your own revision quiz with Get Revising , it really doesn't matter; the key is knowing exactly where to start. 

Begin by picking out your first subject and dig out the syllabus you will have been given at the beginning of the module as this will outline what you should have learnt throughout the course. From there, go through your revision notes, ticking off which parts of the syllabus you have covered and which points you'll need to brush up on.

 If you think you've missed something, don't feel any shame in asking one of your course mates. Two heads are better than one afterall, and the likelihood is, you'll be able to return the favour by helping them out with something.

Set yourself goals:-

Yes, revision might be dull. But as long as you plan ahead, you can always allow yourself some time off. Make sure you insert regular breaks into your timetable - that way, when you look up from your desk and see the day's schedule, you won't want to go and scream into your pillow. 

Whether it's a 3 o'clock brew or an all-important Neighbours viewing, breaks are an important part of revision and ensure that you don't get too bogged down in exam stress.

Look after yourself:-

Revision breaks might help keep you sane, but drinking water and eating well will improve concentration, so make sure you ditch the late-night energy drinks and fast food, opting instead for an early night and plenty of 20 the night before an exam. 

Whatever you do, don't listen to the mate that finds glee in shouting about having been up, revising all hours. They're probably lying. And if they're not, they'll be the ones nodding off in the exam hall.

Be prepared:-

We nabbed this one from the Scouts but it pretty much applies to anything - including getting ready for exams. Make sure you check what is required for the exam before you leave and take spare pens so there's no risk of running out of ink. And most importantly? Have a big breakfast. You don't want to hear your stomach rumbling for three hours - and nor does anybody else.


Monday, 23 January 2012

Exam Phobia

Exam Phobia

Love them or hate them, exams are a part of being a student. And they’re right around the corner.
Exams can lead to stressful times for some students. For others, they’re an opportunity to rise to the challenge and excel.

There are key things students can do to beat stress, rock their exams and come out happier and healthier.

Chart a plan of action

Preparation is the most important element in exam success and reducing stress,You need to identify first if you are, in fact, stressed.

Stress symptoms can include anxiety, elevated heart rate, stomach cramps, difficulty sleeping and irregular eating patterns. Some people experience a lowered ability to concentrate and remember — key faculties that are vital for exam success.

If you’re stressed, identify what the stressor is.Stress is a response to danger. If it is specifically the exam, why is this exam a danger?
Students should also take stock of their resources and time constraints.For example, if you know you need six hours to study and you only have two, there’s an imbalance,.

Time management

Set a schedule and stick to it.Schedule all activities, including downtime,Address issues as they come so you don’t get to the crisis point.

Healthy diet, exercise, sleep

It might seem like eating a slice of greasy pizza, drinking buckets of coffee and staying up all night to cram are necessary, but those stereotypical efforts are not helpful.

In fact, it probably makes for worse performance. Eating, exercising, and sleeping well are effective ways to reduce stress and prepare for exams.

A balanced, healthy diet provides the needed strength for weeks of exams. We’ve all heard the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” So eating something at breakfast is important. Fruits, veggies and nuts are great snacks during packed days.

Moderating intake of fat, sugar, alcohol and caffeine is also recommended. Consult Canada’s Food Guide for advice.

Many people crave caffeine and that’s absolutely understandable. Yet instead of java, how about trying green tea? It has only about 20 mg of caffeine per 250 ml. Brewed coffee can have upwards of 120 mg of caffeine, can be a stomach irritant and can lead to irregular sleep.
Regular exercise improves mood, boosts energy levels and promotes better sleep. Can’t get to the gym every day? Take a quick walk. Get out of the subway or bus a few stops early. It might be chilly, but 15 minutes of fresh air works wonders.
Seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night allows for clearer thinking, deeper concentration and fosters calm in stressful situations. The less sleep a person gets, the more stressed they become and the sooner they crash.

An environment to concentrate

Nobody wants to disconnect, but avoiding distractions helps maintain focus. Turn off the cell phone, ignore email, shut off the television. Sit down and study.
It may even be advantageous to create an ambiance that’s similar to an exam environment.


Take breaks

Spare at least 45 minutes per day for mind-wandering.
Brief diversions can clear the mind. Ideas? Stare at the ceiling. Do the dishes. Listen to some music. Read the newspaper. Better? Go for a walk. Make some soup. Eat that soup. Do some yoga. Write an alternate ending to your favourite movie.

Go to exams with confidence

Be prepared, well rested and ready to write. Think positively about personal achievements and abilities.

Owen suggests taking a few moments to breathe slowly and deeply to regain focus. Disconnect from unhealthy emotions. 


Study hard and remain disciplined without overdoing it. Treat yourself to small things – in moderation – that can buoy the spirit.

Exams will be over and done in no time. Celebrate with friends, enjoy a dinner and movie. You earned it. Time to get back to the things that had to take a pause.


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Internet Addiction

 Internet Addiction
Now these day Internet addiction is the new challenge for the parents WHO have teenager child.the problem is rising in his rapid speed and  creating stress and frustration in the mind of children
here i am suggesting you some of the common therapies which can't improve the condition of the child.

  5. YOGA 
  6. RELATION TECHNIQUES     for detail mail us at-

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Civil Services

What is Civil Services

Civil service is a term that is commonly used in identifying governmental functions in many different types of government around the world. The term is utilized in two similar but distinct manners. Just about every nation in the world today has at least one department of civil service as part of the overall structure.

One common usage of the term “civil service” has to do with the specific arm or branch of government service that oversees the hiring process. In this application, a specific department will set employment standards that are observed by the other departments that make up the government administrative arm. It is not unusual for the civil service department to develop and administer all examinations related to potential employment with the government in question. At the same time, the department may also define and oversee the criteria for merit raises and other employee benefits.

The second use of civil service is as a more general term. When this is the case, civil service may refer to any of the many departments that make up a government. In most instances, this will be a sweeping application that will include all departments except the military arms of the government. However, there is some variance in just how broad the application will be. In some nations, civil service is defined as applying to any and all government entities, while in others the term is understood to mainly focus on departments concerned with clerical or administrative functions.

Persons who are employed in the field of civil service are often referred to as civil servants. The civil servant may be an employee of any federal, state, or local government.
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