Saturday, 25 August 2018

How to get good marks in exams

Exams today have become one of the tools that used to measure the performance of the child. We can always find pressure mounting during board exam days from parents that the child will able to reproduce the answers as per questions asked, a great amount of fear and anxiety from the teacher all the children in her subjects will get thought the examination and finally the whole pressure from all sides makes the students restless going through various moods that he would come up to the expectations of the parents, teachers and society. For the child it is judging factor for life. If he/she does well his/her life will be build based the marks he scores in the board exams and will have great future ahead. I hope few tips would help the child to study better.

1. Prepare a  time table 
The first thing one must do is preparing the time table as per the subjects slot time and follow. If you have only 5 hours  to spare for your study and then you allot subjects only for that hour and be strict in finishing the portions in stipulated time

2. Prepare a flexible time frame 

Make a flexible time frame so that you prepare well the content that you are studying. If you have fixed particular time for one subject kindly stick to the subject and time every day so that you do well in all the subjects.

3. You can change the Time table 

When you prepare the time table you should be mentally prepared for any changes, you may feel after few days a particular subject needs only less time you can cut short that extra time and then you can devote to it the tough subjects which needs more time, so that you can better perform the weaker subjects too.
4. Gradually increase the time of study

Initially, don’t make comprehensive time table for self study. Increase your study timings every week. Start from 45 minutes and then one hour and then latter once you get used to the time table then you can 2 hours and 3 hours likewise…

5. Study every day 
Study every day devote time for at least three subjects in
a day and complete all your class work as per the instruction of your subject teachers. Work more on those subjects, which you feel tough to understand and get good understanding of the content.

6. Study all the subjects every day 

In order score high marks you should study all the subjects every day.  Do not leave any subject for more than 2 days. Every subject should be taken up for study every day at least for some time.

7. Self Study 

Self study is the one that would make you familiar with questions and answers, so devote at least 5-6 hours for self study. Makes sure never stain yourself losing your sleep, Take out and relax after a while when you feel like taking a break.

8. Don’t sit for long 

Set a time frame for each subject, never sit for long, you can also take one or two short breaks of 30-50 minutes during a continuous stretch of 3-4 hrs. of study. This will help you to be fresh and it enthuse your brain for further studies.

9. Refer Previous questions

Have the habit of referring  the previous year’s question papers, sample papers, government model papers etc. be familiar with the pattern s what type of questions are generally asked. Also refer to the model answers also.

10. Go through the answer sheet

Whenever you are given a test in school and get marks, just go through your answer sheet seriously and see where the needed correction has to be done and work out and present better next time.

11. Take care of your health

To study well and to perform in your exam well you need to put extra effect in taking care of your health and hygiene. Exercise; take more of green vegetables, milk and other nutritious food. Drink more water.

12. Get guidance from your teacher 

Teacher is the ultimate guide till you finish your board exams; always seek guidance from your particular subject teacher about your doubt.

13. Do self Tests 

The more tests you write the more you become familiar with your subjects contents .Once the portions are done take sometimes on Sundays or holidays self test by yourself and be ready to take slip test in your schools too to test how far you are prepared for your board exam.

14. Keep your Goal 

It is very important to set a goal in the beginning of the academic year that you are in an important period of your study. Every minute and hour is so precious and keep working till you achieve your dream.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Course & Career Option After 12th Commerce

Deciding on a suitable course and career option after Class 12 is one of the most crucial decisions a student has to make in his/her life.
Students who have opted for commerce in Class 12 would be familiar with the basic fundamentals of Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics.

Based on their interest in the above mentioned subjects, a list of brief options is given below:

> Bachelors of Commerce (BCom)
> Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)
> Bachelor of Economics (BEcon) 
> Bachelor in Statistics 
> Bachelor in Mathematics
> Chartered Accountancy (CA)
> Company Secretaryship (CS)
> Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
> Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
> Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
> 5-year Integrated BBA + MBA
> Cost and Work Accountant (CWA) 

Other than the above mentioned subject-related specialization courses, students can also go for other  creative fields.

Taking up Commerce in Class 12 also makes you eligible for below mentioned courses: 

> Bachelor of Law (LLB)
> Bachelor Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)
> Graphic and Interior Design 
> Hotel Management 
> Fashion Design and Technology 
> Animation and Multimedia Courses 
> Bachelor of Arts (B.A) 
> Event Management course 
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