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Students are quite confused about selecting a particular field because today there are many options available for making a successful career. Students often fail to understand which field to choose according to their interest area. This is where an able and knowledgeable guide comes into picture. S/he is the one who helps them right from the first step in their career and stays with them throughout the process. Needless to say, right career choice is very important today as students have to face a cut throat competition.

Many times it is seen that students have potential and knowledge but because they don’t get the proper counselling then they couldn't make up their career. 

provides career counselling to students for choosing the right course, right Stream and bright career.

Career counseling help for--

> Learn about how your studies and careers relate.
> Articulate your values, skills and interests.
> Identify your key strengths, specialist knowledge and transferable skills.
> Identify what really drives you and your potential to develop in new ways.
> Personal plan of action can be generated.
> Educated decisions about future direction can be made.
> Explore career  possibilities.
> Identify the most suitable career options open to you.
> Plan your long-term career direction.
> Show you how to change paths and move your career forward.
> Guide you on how to highlight your transferable skills and knowledge for jobs.

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Fashion: A Career 
by Carrer Counselor-

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If You are talented and exude style in everything you do. Your originality and creativity are an extension of who you are and what you are about. You love to make people look good, that’s what drives your passion to create and if you have weighed the pros and the cons and come to the firm conclusion that fashion is your passion, there are many exciting avenues that you could explore by way of a career in this field

The word ‘fashion’ immediately conjures up images of glitz and glamour. And many young people, attracted by these attributes decide to foray into fashion only to realise that what they see outside is not the inside story. Admittedly, there are some glamorous aspects to this business. As part of the fash frat (fashion fraternity for the uninformed), you may get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, but reaching there is sheer hard work.

The Work:- 

Fashion Design can be divided into three main branches — Garment design, Leather design, Accessory & Jewell design.

 Here we will focus on Garment design, While the saying “clothes make a man” merits debate, the fact is we no longer wear clothes to keep ourselves covered or warm, but to express our personality and “attitude”. This is where the fashion designer steps in, to help us make the correct fashion statement. Creating a style, using the right fabric, the right cut and a good finish, the designer turns out either a singular creation (one of its kind) that may sell for a king’s ransom, or more usually, outfits that will reach a retail outlet in different sizes and colors. In certain cases, the garment may even be mass-produced for a specific market.

Garments include items of regular clothing, generally western style, although there is a growing local market for Indian style designer wear such as salwar-kameez, sherwanis, ghagra-cholis, kurtis and so on.

There are four courses of action that you can adopt to launch into the career of your dreams:
  • Lawyers in private practice usually work for long and irregular hours meeting clients, researching and reading about new
  • Apprenticeship under a flourishing, well-known designer.
  • Employment in an export house or garment manufacturing unit.
  • Freelancing for fashion houses and boutiques.
  • Self-employment, as in opening your boutique or manufacturing unit or an export outfit to showcase your talent.
Nothing can compare with the absolute joy when your creation is admired and appreciated for its style and finish. And the high-voltage publicity and applause as you proceed for the curtain call at the end of a stunning show won’t hurt either. Today fashion designers share equal space on Page 3 as models and film stars.
Employment Opportunities
In India, the fashion industry has just begun to come of age. As it is still in its fledgling stage, it offers plenty of opportunities for enthusiastic, talented and hard working youngsters. 

Prospects for fashion design graduates are pretty good thanks to the huge and still growing demand for “designer wear” and the equally large volume of exports. 

What with the sheer variety and availability of materials – from traditional silks and ikats to jamawars and handlooms in vibrant weaves and dyes – India is a fashion designer’s dream.

Until a few years ago, there was not a single Indian name in the global fashion scene. However with the establishment of NIFT and some other fashion schools, a band of gifted designers is already making its mark on the fashion firmament. Today names like Ritu Kumar, Ritu Beri, Rohit Bal, Sunit Verma, JJ Vallaya and Tarun Tahiliani have virtually become household names – what with the media showcasing their talent across double-page spreads in glossy mags and sundry fashion-related programmes on TV.

What it takes? -

A question often asked by young people is whether they really need to be trained to be a 

designer. Most young people who are able to sketch well and have an interest in fashion believe their talent and interest already qualifies them for the fashion industry. But fashion design is not just about sketching pretty clothes. Barring a few exceptions where talent borders on genius, it is certainly recommended that you pursue a course in fashion design. And you can do so straight after school. There are a variety of courses available to suit different needs and budgets.

While the academic requirements are not very high, you need considerable aptitude and talent to be labelled “designer” material. You must be highly creative to combine colours, shades and textures, and express your ideas through sketches.

If you can visualise designs and enjoy working with fabrics and accessories you are looking at the right career. Along with fashion consciousness and creativity, you also need excellent communication skills to articulate your ideas and understand the client’s requirements. Knowledge of the market and a good eye for detail are the other must-haves.

Beware though fashion is as much about technique as about style. You need to be clued in on manufacturing technology, time and motion studies, plant efficiency, labour motivation, zero-defect production — all are extremely relevant to this industry.
Before you become a name to reckon with, be prepared to put in tons of hard work and running around. 

However, fashion design is just one of the many careers that a student of fashion design prepares for. There are a number of others such as marketing and merchandising, fashion co-ordination, fashion journalism, etc.

What you'll make?

The fancy salaries and the hype that you read about in the glossies is only for those who are really talented to begin with or those passing out of the premier institutes. For the rest, finding a decent toehold can be pretty tough. Also considering the fact that just about everyone is rushing into fashion designing, it may be wise to opt for some of the other courses like Merchandising, Accessory Designing, Garment Manufacturing Technology, etc., all of which have a component of fashion design in them.

Having said that, the money is pretty good. As a fresher you’ll start out with a monthly package of Rs.8,000-14,000. A couple of years down as your designing skills mature, your salary would be in the range of Rs.30,000-40,000. Of course, if you become a marquee designer and are lucky enough to go international.

Where to study?

Your race for admission into a reputed fashion school will begin straight after school. Subjects like drawing, painting, home science, computer graphics will develop your creativity.

By the time you finish the course you will have mastered the step-by-step production of a garment — from designing to pattern making, production and even marketing. 

Although, if you are interested in further specialisation to work in a large manufacturing unit or start your own fabrication unit someday, you could opt for post-graduate courses in garment manufacture, merchandising, etc. 

When we talk of fashion, we often forget the wide range of accessories that also constitute fashion. Although the courses listed here mainly pertain to apparel design, you could opt for a course in accessory design or specifically in jewellery design, knitwear design, footwear design or leather design — the options are as diverse as the range and variety of accessories themselves. 
Apeejay Institute of Design, 54, Tughlaqabad Institutional Area, Mehrauli Badarpur Road, New Delhi 110062
National Institute of Design (NID), Paldi, Ahmedabad 380007.
National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD), Chandigarh.
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gandhinagar, Bangalore.
Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology (NIIFT), C-115, Phase-VII, Industrial Area, Mohali 160055
Pearl Academy of Fashion, C-56/2 Okhla Indl Area, Phase II, New Delhi 110020
SNDT Women's University, Mumbai
Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, PO Box 6430 Yelahanka, Bangalore 560064 (Kar)
University Of Mumbai, M G Road, Fort, Mumbai 400032 (Mah).
Wigan & Leigh College etc.
for more colleges and other information please refer to related website and search before you join.


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Indian Institutes of Management

Indian Institutes of Management (in order of establishment)
NamePhotoShort NameEstablishedLocationWebsite
Indian Institute of Management CalcuttaIIM Calcutta Auditorium 1.jpgIIM-C1961KolkataWest
Indian Institute of Management AhmedabadIIM Panorama Ahmedabad
Indian Institute of Management BangaloreIIMB
Indian Institute of Management LucknowIIM Lucknow Entrance.JPGIIM-L1984LucknowUttar
Indian Institute of Management KozhikodeIIM Kozhikode Aerial View
Indian Institute of Management IndoreIIM Indore pano.jpgIIM-I1996IndoreMadhya
Indian Institute of Management ShillongIIM Shillong
Indian Institute of Management RohtakIIM Rohtak academic
Indian Institute of Management RanchiIIM Ranchi academic
Indian Institute of Management
Indian Institute of Management TiruchirappalliIIM-T2011TiruchirappalliTamil
Indian Institute of Management
Indian Institute of Management KashipurIndian Institute of Management,
Symbol Of Success

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Medical Career List

Allopathic Physician
Athletic Trainer
Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical Equipment Technician
Clinical Laboratory Technician
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Technologist
Coding Specialst
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Dental Laboratory Technician

Dialysis Technician
Dietetic Technician
Electrocardiograph Technician
Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist
Emergency Medical Technician
Environmental Health Specialist
Genetic Counselor
Health Educator
Health Information Specialist
Health Science Librarian
Health Science Library Technician
Healthcare Administrator
Histologic Technician
Hospital Administrator
Home Health Aide

Industrial Hygienist
Licensed Practical Nurse
Medical Assistant
Medical Illustrator
Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Librarian
Medical Library Technician
Medical Records Administrator
Medical Records Technician
Medical Technologist
Monitor Surveillance Technician
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Nurse (Practical)
Nurse (Registered)
Nurse Anesthetist
Nurse Midwife
Nurse Practitioner
Nursing Assistant/Aide
Nursing Home Administrator

Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy Assistant/Aide
Operating Room Technician
Ophthalmic Technician
Optical Laboratory Technician
Optometry Technician/Assistant
Osteopathic Physician
Patient Representative
Pharmacy Technician
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Physician, Allopathic
Physician, Osteopathic
Physician's Assistant
Practical Nurse

Psychiatric Aide/Technician
Radiation Therapy Technologist
Radiation Therapist
Radiologic Technologist
Recreation Therapist
Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapy Assistant
Registered Nurse
Research Scientist
Social Worker
Speech Pathologist
Surgical Technologist
Ultrasound Technologist
Veterinary Technician/Assistant
X-Ray Technicia

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Resume Writing india

Resume Writing

                                                    1- Back up your qualities and strengths

Instead of creating a long (and boring) list with all your qualities (e.g., disciplined, creative, problem solver) try to connect them with real life and work experiences. In other words, you need to back these qualities and strengths up, else it will appear that you are just trying to inflate things.

                                   2. Use effective titles
Like it or not, employers will usually make a judgment about your resume in 5 seconds. Under this time frame the most important aspect will be the titles that you listed on the resume, so make sure they grab the attention. Try to be as descriptive as possible, giving the employer a good idea about the nature of your past work experiences. For example:
Bad title: Accounting
Good title: Management of A/R and A/P and Record keeping
                                                                      3. Put the most important information first
This point is valid both to the overall order of your resume, as well as to the individual sections. Most of the times your previous work experience will be the most important part of the resume, so put it at the top. When describing your experiences or skills, list the most important ones first.
                        4. Explain the benefits of your skills
Merely stating that you can do something will not catch the attention of the employer. If you manage to explain how it will benefit his company, and to connect it to tangible results, then you will greatly improve your chances.
                                                        5. Avoid negativity
Do not include information that might sound negative in the eyes of the employer. This is valid both to your resume and to interviews. You don’t need to include, for instance, things that you hated about your last company.

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School & Colleges In Lucknow

 School & Colleges In Lucknow

Primary and secondary education are both of the highest quality with most schools affiliated to the ICSE or the UP Board though a few offer the CBSE programme as well. Some of the major schools and colleges in Lucknow are(Branches are not listed in this list):


Rajesh C.Pandey 
Career Counselor 
Brain Gym Career Counseling Center
Sector- J, C-109

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