My child have serious disliking for school although he is very good in his previous class , his teachers have very good remarks about him but in July when he started his new school slowly he started retaliating to go school, his teachers and we parents are trying our level best to encourage him but first he start misbehavior  in class, then after he started crying every morning to avoid school, this is worse situation for us, me and husband are too much anxious for our child because we have only on child Shishir (6 years), then I approached my child psychologist for the problem, they gone with all analysis and testing and after that they said me that child need some activity and some play therapy ,we started all which suggested by sir and within  15 days I had see some changes in my child and now it’s all most 2 months gone he is back his school , I would like to say thanks  to my child psychologist for my help and now my child is happy.

Mrs. Nisha Mani Srivastava 
Hose wife 

Thanks again for all of your help and guidance. You helped me through a difficult time in my life and encouraged me to think in new ways about my skills, goals, and what I have to offer.
Himanshu Sharma

I highly recommend Dr.Rajesh Chandra Pandey as a career counsellor. he suggested and helped me work through a framework to recognize my career options; fully understand how they fit in with other aspects of my life; and evaluate them so that I could formulate and execute a career plan. His support helped me feel confident about my career-related decisions
Thanks Sir
Anup Tondon

When I first contacted Dr.Rajesh , I was unsure what my future held. I had little motivation to continue in my existing job, but could not focus on where to move to. The career counseling has helped me take a step back and work out what is important to me. I am now ready find a role that I know I will enjoy. It feels like a cloud has lifted and my spirits are high. It's not over yet, but I am well on my way to a better career.

Dhananjay Singh

My counselling experience was really good. First I was really confused but now I know what I want to do so this makes me feel confident and better. 
Thank you sir & mam
Niharica Singh

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