Monday, 26 March 2012

before your career ?

Career Selection Procedure 

before you select any field for you long lasting career please note some basic precaution, I am giving you a special checklist by which you can mark your self.
  1. Try to find out your strength 
  2. Find out weakness
  3. What exactly you want ? In term of money, name, fame , respect.
  4. What exactly you want to leave back to you in this word.
  5. Are you happy in related ares.(physical, mental , social , spirituality)
  6. Do know your financial condition exactly 
  7. Do you have discuss your career option with your parents/ teachers.
  8. Who is most successful person in you family 
  9. What it means by career to you?
  10. Have ready to face challenges which will come in your decision? 
if after completion of this test still you are confused then call a career counselor for help, call us too
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