Sunday, 5 January 2014

What Subjects or Career Stream To Choose In Class 11

It is that time of the year when our young students, moving from class X to class XI have to choose their subject streams. And like so many other years, this year too hordes of students would pick or would be made to pick those subjects 

Many parents and family members persuade and almost 'force' their kids to take up those streams which match their status and which is in sync with their pre-defined and biased mindset. That is to say, the science stream is often considered to be an "elite" subject to choose and many parents pressurize their kids to study hard in order to secure good enough marks to be able to get science stream in higher secondary. 

This extreme level of expectation and an urgent demand to compete and do well in class 10 often leads to extreme stress in the life of a young child and often leads to depression and low self-esteem

Why don't  understand that marks or grades cannot be the criterion for subject selection? In fact, many a times, marks or grades in Class X can be quite misleading. It is the Scientific Career Analysis  of the student that should be the criterion for stream selection.

"When subjects or stream selection is done on the basis of these Scientific Analysis, the student finds it easy and joyous to learn those subjects and do well in those subjects. In-fact, operating through ones' area of strengths also results in better performance at work situations as well."

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