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Choose A Career

Best Way to choose a career- Lucknow 

If you're like most people, you spend the majority of your week—and a good chunk of your life—at work. If you find the right profession, this time will be neither wasted, nor miserable.
Selecting a career can be one of the most difficult decisions of your life. You have to find the right balance between financial gain and personal fulfillment. For some people, having a career that creates wealth is much more important than having a job that builds individual enrichment. Each person needs to choose according to their own specific needs and life goals. Many experts agree that selecting a career you're passionate about usually leads to happiness.
Before heading out into the workforce, it is essential to find a career that fits not only your interests but your personality as well. The more interested and skilled you are at work, the more pleasant your career will be. There are a variety of personality tests that can be taken to determine which career best suits you. These tests can also measure the aptitude that you have in one or more career fields and help to narrow down your search. This can be especially helpful when choosing a college degree.
Here are some tips for you before you select any career for yourself ----------------------------

Step 1: Know Your Interests

Before you can select a career, you have to get to know yourself well enough to define your interests.
2 You can't reach for something unless you know what it is you're seeking. Is there a field you've always wanted to pursue? What types of job duties seem interesting to you? What issues are you passionate about? What types of financial plans do you have? In order to the right job, you should first identify your ultimate goals and which careers are most appealing to you.

Write it down:

Create a list of things you're passionate about.
Write down everything you love doing. What jobs would you do for free?
Make a list of your qualifications and skills. Be specific and list every job responsibility you have previously mastered.
Create a list of your long-term goals. What do you want your life to be like in 20 years? How much money do you expect to make?
Make a list defining the type of lifestyle you want. Decide whether you want a job or career. In other words, do you want to be able to leave the office behind every night when the clock turns 5:00pm? Or are you a workaholic who wants to be the next multi-millionaire?
Write down every possible career you can envision for yourself. Include the jobs you dreamed about as a child.3
Rate each career on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the careers you are most interested in and 10 being the jobs you are least interested in).

Step 2: Get Professional Guidance

Once you've asked yourself the important questions, you should enlist the help of career development experts to guide you through the process.
Schedule a meeting with a career counselor—If you're currently a student, you can do this for free at your school. If you're no longer a student, check with your local community college for referrals to free or affordable counselors in your area. Bring all the lists you created to the meeting.
Community College Web offers a nationwide index of community colleges.
Read career advice books. 

follow these steps and you will be happy ever 
best of luck

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