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what is career counseling

After 10th grade and 12th grade is the most stressful for students. Both the times involve choosing a career path, and most students are not very sure of what they want to become in life. It is none of their fault though. Just come to think of it- a student is only 15 or 16 years old when he has to choose a specific stream in school.
He doesn't have enough knowledge of what career options there are in different fields. Thus, he ends up deciding a stream based on what his friends decide to choose. That is often not a very good approach when it comes to choosing a career and that’s where career counseling can be helpful. Here are some reasons why career counseling is important for students:

Help to Find Student Potential                   

Career counselors have scientifically designed aptitude tests that can help students discover potential. Most students do not know what they are good at, because most of them have not tried different things in life. With an aptitude test, they are able to better figure out what they are good at and what they are not. Thus, they are able to choose a career where they are more likely to find success.

 Provide Guidance                                              

Often, students are not aware of the do and don’t of different streams and careers. Most times, they get their information from friends or family, With career counseling, they are able to get guidance on different fields and careers. Professional counselors are aware of advantages, disadvantages and opportunities in several fields, which help students make a more informed choice.

Reduce Extra Stress & Pressure             

Many times, when we end up choosing the wrong career, we have to make a career jump at some point in our life. Although there is nothing wrong with that, career change can often be very stressful. It can also be embarrassing, since it is not a socially accepted norm, at least in India. When you get proper counseling in schools, you are able to make a better career choice. Thus, it cuts down on the risk of career change at a later stage in life.

  Beneficial For Family & Society                          
A country always needs skilled professionals in every field. When people choose a field they are best in, it always bodes well for a nation. The goal of career counseling is to help students choose a field that is in tune with their skills and their expectations. Thus, with the help of career counseling for students, most candidates end up choosing the right career, which ultimately helps the nation succeed.

Although there are not many schools in India which give career counseling to students, the practice is definitely on the rise. If your school does not provide you professional counselors though, you can always seek the help of independent counselors. It is always better to seek professional guidance rather than go for something that your friends are going for.

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