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Eligibility for Air Hostess





                                 Age Limit

 In India, 19 is the minimum age requirement for a air-hostess. As laid down by DGCA, no airline in India would hire a air-hostess of less than 19 years of age. Airlines have specified the age limit as between 19-27. So far as airlines of other countries are concerned, American airlines don't have any age restrictions and in the European airlines, maximum age for a air hostess is 35 years.

                                             Educational Background to be an Air Hostess

1. 10+2/ equivalent or graduates (in any subject) are eligible to apply for air hostess training programme. Candidates holding diploma/ degree in Hotel Management or tourism management are preferred.
2. Candidates who are in final year of their graduation cannot apply.
3. You must possess a passport
4. Passport is the most important document which you must keep ready before applying for a job in any airlines. Sometimes, domestic airlines also demand passport but their number is very small in India. Most of the advertisements published by the airlines specify that candidates who possess valid passport are only eligible to apply.

                                    Physical Standards required to be an Air Hostess


 According to the standards laid down by most of the national airlines, a female air-hostess must have the height of 157.5 cms and the height requirement for male air-hostess is 163 cms. These are the minimum height requirement for Indian airlines. However, it may vary from airline to airline. For instance, minimum height requirement in Indian Airlines is 5'2" while other airlines demand more height than that.


Airlines want candidate's weight to be in proportion to his/her height. Remember, airlines won't take you even if you have one or two pounds more than what is specified in their proportion chart. Try hard to cut the extra kilos before submitting your resume to any of the airline.


Most airlines prefer normal vision or minimum uncorrected distant vision of 6/24 in each eye. Correctable to at least 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in the other eye. If you are aspiring to work as a air-hostess and wear glasses, then switch over to contact lenses as early as possible. Power of your contact lenses should not exceed -2D (Minus Two Diopters). Candidates who have undergone any eye surgery to improve their vision or to correct colour blindness, are not eligible to apply.

As mentioned earlier, air-hostess is the first person who welcomes the passenger. They have to keep smile on their face during the whole course of flight as it gives a sense of pleasure to the passengers. Healthy white teeth are one of the essentials of a good smile. If you have overlapping or gaped teeth, get them braced as soon as possible because braces would normally take a year or two to set your teeth in order.


As international flights go across seas routes, swimming has become mandatory requirement in all the airlines of the world. air-hostess should possess all the skills that can help in safeguarding the lives of passengers in any emergency situation and swimming is one of the important factors.


Good height, toned body, expensive dresses and accessories are not enough for getting a job in this field. In addition, air-hostess must take good care of their body cleanliness.

Voice Quality:  

Air hostess must have quality diction, good pace, proper pitch and be enthusiastic in speech so that listeners can easily understand all the spoken words. It is crucial that air-hostess uses good grammar, correct language and expressions.
Standing in front of mirror and practicing announcements is a sure way to improve the voice quality and to learn the techniques of good speaking.

Language Proficiency:

 An Air-hostess must have a good command over English language. Fluency in any other international language is an added advantage but it is not mandatory in India. However, some foreign airlines make it a compulsion. Familiarity with regional languages work as an asset for air-hostess who are working in domestic airlines.

Work Experience

Work experience always counts. You can mention your work experience or internships in call centres, hotels, travel companies if you have worked as ground staff with any of the airlines. Never specify any false experience because interview panel will grill you about every thing mentioned in your resume.

Medical Fitness :  

 Air-hostesss have to go through various medical fitness tests. These include eye test, blood, urine and stool test, AIDS test, Hepatitis B test, hearing ability test, Chest X-ray, ECG and Ultra Sound. Candidates who are suffering from any serious disease such as AIDS or Hepatitis B are not eligible. Airlines are very strict in this regard and in case of any minor disability, you would be rejected. It is better to get yourself checked first and then go for the training.

Written exam:   

Written exam is not a compulsion but some airlines make it mandatory for a air-hostess to go through a written exam in order to qualify for an interview. The motive of conducting written exam is to judge the language proficiency of a candidate, his/her ability to solve simple mathematical problems, knowledge of geographical concepts, historical facts and tourism industry.

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  1. The forum posting is a unique and interesting job!

  2. The forum posting is a unique and interesting job!


  4. Am suitable and perfect for this job, but only thing is my eye sight. I use contact lenses but my sight is Upto-2.75 presently, I think am not eligible for bad luck...

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  6. I m suitable for this job, but eye have poor eye sight.can i go for eye surgery?



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