Thursday, 24 January 2013

Exam Stress

                                                   Exam Stress

We live in test conscious age in which the lives of many people are greatly influenced by their test performance .to be accepted in family, school, college or university. We not only have to performance in every exam but also have to show the great skill to fight with anxiety & fear, but our school and now our families don’t give us knowledge to fight against fear and anxiety.
As i had seen in my counselling practice there is a huge amount of population are suffering from anxiety and over stress problems. Now there is new generation of disease like obesity, diabetes, increase rate of cancer, gastric trouble, skin problem and addiction are coming very rapidly to engulf our normal living.
If we go specifically on an academic anxiety then we say that we can easily see the stress and anxiety on the face of students for example if we see those students who are going for exam we see change in there  walking style , there eye movement, condition of mouth, condition of their hands etc. Have huge different when they come back after exam. When they come out side exam hall we easily recognize change in their walking style, their eye rotation and so on by only seeing them any one say that student is exhausted or feel sense of relief. Some time some students look confuse too after exam. 
If we try to categories there exam stress then we could say that this exam fear or exam anxiety id base on two factor 
1. Worry (By fear of failure )
2. Emotionality (Physiological response of body of stressful situation )
Worryness is generally a psychological factor which is related to our expectation, family expectation, social expectation and other psychological factors.
Where are emotionality is a physiological response which reflect our tendency to fight with stress and their conditioning 

If we (students) before exam properly communicate with our families about the test, its procedures, results and after outcomes of test result the we clearly  understand the view points of our family members, further if we talk about expectation of every family members then we may developed a confidence which make me ease and relax which of test. 
As emotionality concern we have to learn some techniques to make our body relax and tense free if we practice those techniques then we easily make our body calm and we perform better. Some techniques are:-
1) Relaxation music
2) Psychological relaxation techniques
3) Water intake 
4) Hypnosis
5) Self hypnosis
6) Concentration exercises
                                                        Best of luck
                                                                            Rajesh C.Pandey 
                                                        Child Psychologist & Career Counsellor 

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