Thursday, 16 February 2012

Best Paid Jobs

Best Paid Jobs
  1. Directors and chief executives of major organizations
  2. Corporate Managers And Senior Officials
  3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
  4. Medical practitioners
  5. Air traffic controllers
  6. Brokers (financial and insurance)
  7. Financial managers and chartered secretaries
  8. Managers in mining and energy
  9. Public service administrative officer
  10. Health Professionals
  11. Research and development managers
  12. Information and communication technology managers
  13.  lawyers, judges 
  14. Marketing and sales managers
  15. Transport Associate Professionals
  16. Electronics engineers
  17. Hospital and health service managers
  18. Financial institution managers
  19. IT strategy and planning professionals
  20. Higher education teaching professionals
  21. Legal Professionals
  22. Personnel, training and industrial relations managers

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