Wednesday, 4 January 2012



1. Know yourself – Name your values, skills and interests. Don’t take them for granted.
2. Develop clarity about your unique offer to an employer.
3. What do you want in your career – what is your vision for the next year?
4.  Research what’s in the advertised job market.
5. Research what is in the hidden job market – i.e. jobs that do not get advertised.
6. Research the salary scales for your career interest areas.
7. Do you need to study to bridge the gap between your current position and where you want to be?
8. Get help where you need it – colleagues, supervisors, mentors, consultants.
9. Take courage and stop making excuses. Make a decision.
10.  Act upon the decision – there’s no turning back – move forward, even if it to eliminate a possibility


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